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Berlin / Melt! / Movement:

We’ve recently returned from a trip to Germany. The German audiences were extremely welcoming, so a thank you should be spread evenly around. We had a great time.

No Vomiting, No Arguments, No Swearing.
Lots of Dancing, Lots of Driving, Lots of Sausage, Lots of Broken Electronics, Lots of Beautiful Things

Some photographic evidence:

**Some of our friends from Dalston joined us at Melt. Here they are “having a good time”.

**some Melt digger shit

**Melt Digger Shit

**Berlin sunset [romantic]

** GRF

**the wall [CO: Hanno]

** Pissing on the CARPETS

We have more interesting photos, but Fred has lost the lead for his camera…

Have YOU seen it? Call crimestoppers now: 0800 446 773 [anonymous]


We have just recieved some rough mixes of what should hopefully be a new album. Infact, tomorrow, when I wake up, I’ll be off to ‘balance’ stuff, mix and match samples, drink tea etc. Wish us well.

Jah bless you all…




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Tour Time and Tasty Tidbits…

Woah and Hello There!

I wasn’t really expecting to start writing a blog tonight. I just got back from the pub where I watched some football and drank a pint of Guinness and a single whisky (Dalwhinnie, no ice) and realised that no-one else was likely to get on the case tonight. So here I am, on the case, like Dick Turpin himself.

Dick Turpin Himself.

Dick Turpin Himself.

We have been up to things. Yep. We have. I shall start with last Friday:

On Friday last we played a cheeky warm-up gig at Water Rats, Kings Cross, in preparation for the White Lies tour that we keep banging on about. This was fun but also stressful, as we have lots of new gizmo’s that we hadn’t tried out live yet and new songs that we were still scared of. All the gizmo’s seemed to work though, so that’s good. Also playing were a band called Cheka, who we didn’t see but sounded cool in soundcheck, so I wanted to give them some respect in these here hallowed pages.


After said gig we went to Metronomy‘s album launch party in Stoke Newington, which was cool and full of celebs including Franz Ferdinand, which was quite weird. Metronomy are fantastic as I’m sure we have enthused before, but if you haven’t yet, check ’em out.


We spent Saturday wallowing in hungover shame, knowing full well we had important things to do, but that’s life. Saturday night a couple of us went to Ban Jam, which is at the San Moritz club on Wardour Street and is a favourite haunt of ours. I drank some red wine and tried mixing it with Red-Bull, which is surprisingly palatable. Try it. Also Sarah Grace Saville Watson drew a seahorse called Pete on my arm:

Pete the Seahorse

Pete the Seahorse

Since then we have been rehearsing like Thespians, reciting lines over and over again until we get them right, which hopefully we can now do. Today I broke FOUR drumsticks, which I’m quite happy about because it’s a personal record. Me and Henry are a bit ill but hopefully we’ll be better by Saturday when we go to Liverpool to play for Wave Machines, who we love a bit. I bought some Beechams especially.

This is our gear set up in the studio. It's quite cramped in there but our gear has lights on it which makes it nice.

This is our gear set up in the studio. It's quite cramped in there but our gear has lights on it so that makes it alright.

I’m currently listening to Laurel Collective‘s album “Feel Good Hits for a Nuclear Winter”, which is fantastic. I suggest you go and see these guys strut their funky stuff AND buy the album simultaneously, just to make life more interesting. We need more multi-tasking.


So tomorrow will be our last day in the studio before we go off on the road, and an exciting day it is too, because we have to pack your bags and say goodbye to our loved ones, including Tigerhouse the giant African snail and Tarquin the gerbil. It’s quite cool though actually cos we’ll be going back to the Spa at points and get to spend some time with our folks, who are great and cook us food and stuff (I’ve gone down a jeans size in the last month because I can’t afford to eat).

Tarquin the gerbil, legend.

Tarquin the gerbil, legend.


I hope you will be able to come and see us on one of the dates of our tour, it would be nice to shake you by the face and kiss you tenderly on the hand. Come and say “Hi!”, we don’t bite – to use an expression that teachers used to annoy me with.

In the meantime, take care and that.




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14 is the first number in this post. 3 will be the second.

Can you spot all the numbers? Well done.

On this day, thirty-two and a half years ago, at precisely 3.15pm, Beethoven wrote his first symphony on the back of a napkin. He was only five years old at the time, but this helped shoot him to the dizzy-heights of fame he has since achieved.

Mozart also started his career on the back of a napkin, as did Brahms, and Debussy wrote his first major works on the reverse of a not-atypical serviette. All of these people started out on a journey to greatness from the humble paper towel, but we’re fresh out of serviettes my friend.

Question: How do you tell the back of the napkin from the front? We’ll give fifteen of our Best Blessings to the first correct answer on a piece of string.

Do you remember Lemmings? Click it and play! Hours of classic fun. I used to play it on my Amiga, those were the days, not like nowadays with your Nintendo Wii and what have you. Still, listen to me eh? I could go on all night…

What have we been up to? You may be asking yourself this right now. I’m asking myself this and my beleaguered brain is struggling to come up with an answer, luckily I like to keep track of my life in pictures, here is a short story:

First off, and most importantly, I beat Tom at chess. Twice. This is “mate” from the first game:

Have that Tom! In your face! (I sense some sort of revenge will be taken for this...)

Have that Tom! In your face! (I sense some sort of revenge will be taken for this...)

Saturday last we went to see the Chemical Brothers at the Olympia, they were amazing as expected, with Erol Alkan stepping up to fill the support slot. Erol produced Late of the Pier‘s album, and if you haven’t got it yet I must suppose you are either lazy or an idiot. It’s beyond fourteen notches of fun/k.

Earlier that day whilst in London Fields park I saw these guys playing with a weird bicycle-mounted-drum-kit, here they are:

The Yamaha Tenori thing that the guy on the right is using is shit though.

The Yamaha Tenori thing that the guy on the right is using is shit though.

I was also served a coffee with a smiley face by a nice girl at Vibe Bar, thank you.

The happiest coffee.

The happiest coffee.

We chilled with Alfie the Housecat and Magic Pete, who wrote last week’s cheeky wee blog, drew Arty McArtwork on Jeffo’s back:

This is a back.

This is a back.

After the artwork incident we went to Durrr, where the lovely Chandra always puts on good entertainment. In all honesty this weeks Jessie Evans didn’t inspire massively, but there seemed to be a good hardcore of her fans there enjoying it and the drummer was good. Check ’em out if you want. I did. Afterwards I was attacked by a crackhead-prostitute.

We’ve been busily holing ourselves up trying to gather good recordings together and simultaneously get new material ready for the White Lies tour, which is gonna kick my ass. Hopefully we will be seeing you at one of these shiny venues for which we are heading? Check the tour dates for more mates.

In conclusion, I sincerely hope this blog finds you comfortably seated and suitably engrossed, but personally I’ve had enough. Just got do the technical bit to get the photos in and then I’m off.


Post War Years love in the place


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