Berlin / Melt! / Movement:

We’ve recently returned from a trip to Germany. The German audiences were extremely welcoming, so a thank you should be spread evenly around. We had a great time.

No Vomiting, No Arguments, No Swearing.
Lots of Dancing, Lots of Driving, Lots of Sausage, Lots of Broken Electronics, Lots of Beautiful Things

Some photographic evidence:

**Some of our friends from Dalston joined us at Melt. Here they are “having a good time”.

**some Melt digger shit

**Melt Digger Shit

**Berlin sunset [romantic]

** GRF

**the wall [CO: Hanno]

** Pissing on the CARPETS

We have more interesting photos, but Fred has lost the lead for his camera…

Have YOU seen it? Call crimestoppers now: 0800 446 773 [anonymous]


We have just recieved some rough mixes of what should hopefully be a new album. Infact, tomorrow, when I wake up, I’ll be off to ‘balance’ stuff, mix and match samples, drink tea etc. Wish us well.

Jah bless you all…




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