“You want anything else guy?”

These were the words that confirmed to me that I was buying a slice in a New York pizza parlour, so cuttingly blunt yet beautifully turned were they I almost wept into my cwoffee. Oh those halcyon days, rich with cheese and dripping with caffeine encrusted salt, what I wouldn’t give for a half a pound of butter eh? Marvellous.

We are now in the blistering Texas heat enjoying South by South West festival, but I am going to backtrack a bit and talk about our English invasion in New York…

FRIDAY: Having arrived at JFK late Thursday night, we arose Friday to a city of wonder and the like and sauntered off to a nearby cafe for a traditional American breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, pancakes and lots of maple syrup. Here it is, feel free to discuss it’s various merits at your leisure over a cup of Darjeeling or two.

I am food.

I am food.

After this we looked at various sights including the Empire State grill house and some models of the Eiffel Tower. In the evening we met up with We Have Band who were borrowing some equipment from us and then went for a burger. Darren and Henry exchanged knowing glances in the hallway of our hotel for some unknown reason.

I asked what was so funny and was met by the ambassador of Sweden.

I asked what was so funny and was met by the ambassador of Sweden and a cold silence.

SATURDAY: We went on a boat to see the Statute of Library and hung about on Staten Island, where Si found a museum dedicated to himself. We also played pool and talked to the locals.

Later on we took the Subway to downtown Manhattan and played a gig at PIANOS, the gig was good and we had fun, I met some people and we made merry Christmas to all our readers.

Tom went sideways for the day.

Tom went sideways for the day.

There is more to come but frankly the sun is shining and I’m bored of looking at a computer screen, more tomorrow folks! And all because we love you.

That’s right, you.




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