A Jaunty Soiree: Initiating Small Talk With A Leopard.

Come join us for a jaunty soiree! We’re here, swanning around, working on stuff, and what are you doing? Exactly.

As we haven’t put up a blog for a while I would like to take this moment to say merry new year, in the following paragraphs I will attempt to use a witty turn of phrase to detail exactly what our movements have been since last we imparted such knowledge, however as I am quite tired this might not work

Beginning Bit: Christmas.

Before Christmas we had a little party, where Tom and myself cooked The Beef for 13 people. This was quite an undertaking and I think both of us now feel like better people for it. Here is some picture:

Me and Tom preparing The Beef.

Me and Tom preparing The Beef.

Over the festive season we took some time to see our families, as I’m sure many of you did. Here is a picture of my little nephew Owen, he made Christmas day worthwhile for me and I now understand why people have kids. Not that I’m planning on having any myself mind… (unless you are a particularly attractive and possibly filthy rich young lady reading this, in which case drop us a line)

Owen gets bored of our company and phones a friend.

Owen gets bored of our company and phones a friend. He aint got no Beef.


We have been recording, more recording, and we have now finished work on the next single! The Whole World On Its Head will be released on Chess Club in March and will be flanked by a brand new b-side called Flames Like Tinder, and will be available on our myspace soon for a sneak preview. We had to lock Tom in a dark room for a week in order to get the b-side done but hopefully the results justify such cruelty.

Tommo gets stuck into some Audio Beef in a darkened room in Dalston.

Tommo gets stuck into some Audio Beef in a darkened room in Dalston.


Aside from all this, we had a good new year, which involved much partying and such lark, and are embracing 2009 with callipers and a paper satchel. Our friend Elisa broke her shnoz though, which wasn’t very good, and she now has a bad case of rhinotillexomania – yowcha!

Fancy A Weekend Away?

I bet you do. We are playing La Fleche D’or in Paris on the 23rd, also joined by the fantastic Wave Machines. Care to join us? You’re more than welcome, this will be our first European sojourn and we’re all looking forward to it more than salmon en croûte.

Suck This:

I’d like to say respect to the girls who took the time to do this dance to Daft Punk, nice work. We will be working on a video for our single soon but I imagine it will bear no resemblance to this so that’s a total aside really. I digress.

Hope you’re well, keep the comments coming and see you next time folks.

Much love from us all,

Fred x

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