Recording Pt 1: “The Beef”.

Greetings and farewell, it’s great to be here.

People with ears, read up, I have it all. Here is the post du jour, I have the latest buzzard’s beating wings in my fingertips and I, Bobby Supremo, am here to give you The Beef.

The Beef.

The Beef.

Certain types have been clamouring for attention, information, and beef. And not necessarily in that order. Some people just want to know “what’s The Beef?” The answer is, of course, our forthcoming album, working title “The Beef”. There are inherent problems working with beef, for one it is highly addictive and, some would say, contagious. In a recent current affairs round-up it was discovered that The Beef won nine times out of ten. What this means we do not know. What we do know is that we’ve started recording said beef in the hope that we can unleash it upon you early next year – Unleash The Beef. (Unleash The Beef will also be the first single). So far I have put down various drum-tracks and I’m now chilling out whilst the other boys layer up the remaining sounds, in a process that is known as “layering”. Once the initial tracking process is complete we shall repeat steps 1 and 2 with the remainder of the songs, before blending them with the aid of our ears and a possible third party (more on that at a later date…).

How The Beef might look after the recording process.

How The Beef might look after the recording process.

It has been mooted that some of you would like to know a little about how we do what we do, and possibly why, so I’m going to try to explain it to you a bit. Firstly our lives are made simultaneously easier and harder by having three singer/songwriters in the band. Theoretically easier because the workload is spread thinner; generally more difficult because a) there are more creative voices arguing and b) there is more of a tendency towards laziness. This doesn’t stop us finishing songs though. God no.

want The Beef.

Want The Beef.

The way we work depends on the songwriter; often Tom will take beats I’ve recorded, as well as those of his own creation, and chop them up and use these as the rhythmic basis for the songs, which he will then write and record the rest of the initial parts for; Henry will usually come up with a beat of his own and base a song around it, before coming to me and asking me to give him my take on its groove and then going back and reworking and tweaking the rest of the parts some more; finally Si will either come up with his own groove and once the song’s taking shape will get me to re-play it from his original recording or he’ll write a song then get me to play something abstract around a theme which he will then chop up, often creating something that I would never have expected. This is obviously a very drum-centric way of looking at things but this is meat.

Me in a post beef lull, Si looking for the ever elusive "dropped beef".
Me in a post-beef-lull, Si looking for the ever elusive”Dropped Beef”.

The final stage is getting in the studio and working out how to play the damn things, and this is usually the bit where the song gets a complete overhaul, a restructure and a shiny lick of paint. Our insistence on triggering all samples live means there’s some working out of sample sharing between members, also keys and bass parts are handed out, harmonies decided upon, final sprinkles added and then lots of mistakes made trying to hit the nail on the buzzard.

Sometimes by beats make Henry cry, my drums are filled with mince.
Sometimes my beats make Henry cry. First my drums are filled with mince to beef-up the sound, then the cymbals are spread with lard. I never drop The Beef.

That is about it, in a way. We haven’t always worked like this but it seems to be how it’s happening for us at the moment. There are always later tweaking stages after a song’s first live outing and sometimes songs get a few outings and then canned, or never make it out in the first place, but that’s The Beef. Mmm.. Firm and Meaty.


Wave Machines‘ single launch party with Micachu and the Shapes was tantamount to beef. We’ve boshed on about both these bands a lot but needless to say it was a fantastic gig, the combination of the Royal Albert for the venue and the sound being spot on made this gig a bit spesh.


Last Sunday I went to Communion at Notting Hill Arts Club, where chanced upon The Correspondents. Headlining the days entertainment and billed with the the tag-line “1930’s hiphop” I’ll admit I was intrigued but prepared to be disappointed. This was not to be the case however, as a fantastically dressed Mr Bruce strutted on stage to sing, rap and dance, all incredibly well, while DJ Chuckles sent us a barrage of slick swing-beats blended with hiphop and drum’n’bass. I’ve never seen the Communion crowd go so wild, but beef stock can do that to you. The Correspondents are the perfect dance music, DJ Chuckles’ beats putting me in mind of Jurassic 5, DJ Shadow and Mr Scruff and Mr Bruce’s rapping, dancing and pure charm putting everyone in a good mood.

Watch this, it’s sick.


We are DJing at Smash and Grab this Thursday, joining us and the Chess Club boys on the turntables will be White Lies DJs. This will be a beef-stricken old-widow worth going to. Come.

We are playing with We Have Band next Wednesday at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch. It is the launch party for their 50 Bones single “OH” which we have been dancing the sticky pea fandango to. Come down for raw beef.

If I could spell “sayonara” I would use it as my closing line, if I could sell clothes pegs you’d put them on your clothes line.

As it is I’ll just say goodbye.


Bobby Supremo.



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2 responses to “Recording Pt 1: “The Beef”.

  1. Hey guys,
    Just to say I really enjoyed your gig last night at the old blue last,
    best live band I’ve seen for ages!

  2. Just wanted to say I’m hooooooked! Looking forward to the album, any album!! ANy chance you’ll be making any of your recordings available online? iTunes or eMusic perchance? I can’t seem to find anything to buy/download by you guys. Thanks and cheers!

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