THE BUZZARD [Section One: “Flannels”]

Massive handshakes to you all.

I haven’t personally blogged off for a while, so I feel a personal greeting is again in order. My name is Simon,  and these are my legs….

My own real legs

My own legs

I’ve made a double mattress out of two single mattresses pushed together in my room in Dalston, and I feel quite happy about it. Not only can I now sprawl out like a giant starfish and move all of my limbs about frantically, I can also choose which side of my bed I want to sleep on. Tonight is Wednesday, and that is definitely left. I’m on the left.

Current Ear Electrifiers…

I attended some good music. I popped down the Buffalo Bar in Landan. The line up was nice, Ed Harcourt,  Jeremy Warmsley, Munch Munch, and Three Trapped Tigers.

We went down to see Munch Munch, because we missed their set in Bristol a few weeks ago, and had been crying everyday since, so I needed to see them urgently.

Three Trapped Tigers were fracking amazing… Two humans on synths and another smashing a broken cymbal, all freaking out on a sordid free-jazz bender. They lie somewhere in between Holy Fuck and Acoustic Ladyland in my opinion, and my opinion is worth half a wet cucumber.

Three Trapped Tigers

I first heard Munch Munch about a year ago in Oxford, we were booked on the same bill and we bought a split single which they were flogging. I’ve caught them a number of times since, at festivals and other shazz. The other night they were brilliant brilliant brilliant. They really cut my rug in half, and I love them. Here is a video for a really old song of theirs “Celebrity Engine”… their new stuff is even better…

Kwes is a producer/ songwriter and reworker from south London, although he sometimes lives up north in Hull because it’s nice up there, and they have a cool aquarium.

An Aquarium in Hull

An Aquarium in Hull

Kwes is about to drop his first solo effort into the sea, and it sounds incredible. His compositions rumble, float, and jump around creating a huge ambient soundscape. Check out Hearts in Home for evidence of beauty.



Mixological Trip to Leamingtonia.

I’ve just returned from Leamington Spa in the Midlands, where I have been mixing some recordings with Tim from The Mysterons. It was lovely, we sat in his studio eating sausages and messing around with gated reverbs until we were sick. Tims studio is weird, his mixing desk is on his carpet and you sit around on cushions while you mix, it’s a surreal experience – even weirder than recording things in our kitchen.

Gotsta keep up the buzzard

The ‘buzzard’ is when people talk about your band to other people they know, and they tell their friends, and their mum tells this lady she met down Virgin Active, who tells her pet buzzard about you. She sends this buzzard out flying everyday to spread the word about music to all of the dogs in England. Then all the canines begin to cottonwool on to your music, and then you can make ‘top the 40’ with your songs. That’s what Henry told me.

You can help the buzzard by coming to our gigs, and telling your friends about our band, so ta for that.


We thought we’d try and record one of our gigs, and then produce it in a interestingish way.

This was a strange process, as we could only perform it once, and we could only record it once. Once once once.

So Tim set up lots of microphones in a big ballroom in Leamington Spa [where we were born], and we invited people down. Lots of people turned up because James Yuill was also playing, and we had a marvelous party with all of our friends and family.

One notable difference when comparing the recordings to other live recordings, is that we deleted the audience noise, and replaced it with some short ambient compositions instead. No offense to everyone who turned up, you sounded fabulous, but we just fancied replacing you with jungle sounds. Just boshed the tracks up on our Myspace page, so have a nosh.

In other news, we just discovered that we are off to America for some shows next year. So we are jumping off the walls and slapping each other facially with excitement.  Woo. But, more about that stuff some other time.





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  1. Oli

    Wow, nice one on the US shows! I shall check out the myspace right away. tim sent me some very rough recordings from the assembly and I haven been listening loads, love em! =)

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