Tour Blog Pt 2: “The Forbidden Chalice” or: Post Tour Years – The Madness of King George.

Here we are at the end of the world, still alive, slightly insane and a couple of pounds lighter. It’s been emotional.

White Lies were fantastic all tour, we had a great crack with them all and I’d like to say thank you to them once again.


White Lies looking all happy and smiley after a rather fantastic and brillifying tour.

White Lies looking all happy and smiley at the end of the tour.

It’s been craz. Total craz. Since last we spoke we have been to Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Brighton, Norwich, Newcastle, Glasgow, Leamington, Oxford and London. It took us a long time and so I provide for you here our Tour In Numbers:

411.48 litres of petrol were consumed, as were 1.5 litres of oil, amounting to a total £561.02p. Over 2500 miles were covered.

We played 14 venues over 17 days or 408 hours and spent approximately 70 hours sleeping on mates floors. £80 was spent on travel lodges.

Leamington Assembly

The largest venue was Leamington Assembly at 1000 capacity. It wasn't full.

We spent £SHITLOADS on food, with service-station Burger Kings raking-in record profits.

About 204 pints were enjoyed between the four of us, this is a conservative estimate and is probably wrong.

There was definitely 1 bottle of Buckfast, 1 bottle of grappa, at least 3 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of Jack Daniels for Sybil's birthday.
There was definitely 1 bottle of Buckfast, 1 bottle of grappa, at least 3 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of Jack Daniels for Sybil’s birthday.

There were 4 colds, there were 68 hangovers, there were 4 happy half-dead Post War Years.

I shall try and recount things as my frazzled brain recalls them:

WOLVERHAMPTON was cool and we got our own dressing room, NOTTINGHAM was amazing – always love playing the Social, SHEFFIELD was brilliant – the Leadmill is a great venue, BRISTOL was on a boat called Thekla with a dancing man called Jeff, BRIGHTON is always great – a massive venue and an awesome crowd to fill it, NORWICH was a very pretty place and the second church we’ve played in in two weeks, NEWCASTLE was top notch – can’t beat a Cluny burger, GLASGOW was fantastic but one of the longest drives ever, LEAMINGTON – we can’t thank you enough – great homecoming show with James Yuill and Peoples Person Club, OXFORD was a stressful drive but a fun show and always good to see our number one fan Patti, finally LONDON was a fantastic end to a fantastic tour. Night.

This is Dancing Jeff the Bristol legend:

After the final show we had little party at our gaff, it was nice. As well as a couple of the White Lies boys there were Ritzy and Rhydian from The Joy Formidable, who have also been fantastic all tour and are great guys.

Thank you TJF and thank you all you kind peoples who came down to the gigs.

That is enough, we now have to spend some time in the studio recording some sounds so you can hopefully purchase them and imbibe them into your swiftly beating hearts.

Fred x

PS. Playing Winchester on Monday 13th and London Tuesday 14th, check myspaz for details x

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