Mystery melange of mockery

Strike me down and tickle my face, I’m writing a blog! This is brand new territory for me, so I apologise beforehand if this becomes a loathsome piece of literature. The following rant is written with the slightly self-indulgent presumption that you might be interested in what has been keeping our collective minds occupied, pupils dilated and ears buzzing. If you’ve made it this far and you have no interest in such trivialities, then you’ve made a serious error. Please make your way safely to


PWYs mocked in various European locations

This week was a week for focus, creativity and commitment, however, meeting these targets became a tricky task having anonymously received the following disturbing images:

Held in Gruzet Neige by unknown provocators

Held in Gruzet Neige by unknown provocateurs.

Unknown taunter waves PWY around in a sinister fashion in Freychat.

Unknown taunter waves PWY around in a sinister fashion in Freychat.

PWY thrown to a Llama

PWY thrown to a Llama

A llama! If you’re going to threaten us, at least throw it to an animal with sharp teeth!  Who the hell are these people and why do they taunt us so?

Actually, it has generally been a dark week. While on a trip out in Stevenage with the rather talented photographer and all-round nice guy, Tim Cochrane, we found this.

Sinister mystery

Sinister mystery

Missing from this picture were a further three bras and a pair of knickers abandoned and left in an empty field. What the flaming kippers?! Genuinely disturbing. In fact, so disturbed by all this week’s events, Tom hasn’t spoken a word to any of us in days and has done nothing but pace around with a stern look on his face and a cigarette stuck to his teeth. See for yourself:

Thus I recommend

In a week that has been sent to test us, we have found sanctuary in a few new delights that I strongly suggest you check. The first of which is our good friend, Kwes. Not only is ‘Tissues’ a melodic luxury holiday to the South of France, Kwes’s production is also braver and more dangerous than William Wallace himself.

I also rediscovered White Williams this week. This might be old news to some, but if you haven’t heard ‘New Violence’  then wrap your peepers around this. If you don’t, Fred will hunt you down and steal your CDs, trust.

If you own one of those DVD players and you find 2 hours in your week to fill with visual stimuli, can I recommend that you watch a little known film called ‘Black Book‘. It’s directed by Paul Verhoeven who has made some of Hollywood’s most cheese-ridden films including, Total Recall and Starship Troopers, but don’t let that put you off. This actually got the dusty old cogs in my brain turning. It’s a WWII movie, but definitely takes it from a less predictable and biased viewpoint than usual. Oh, it’s all in Dutch as well. Enjoy.

One final visual treat for you before I depart. Tom and Fred took a trip up to Dalston market and met an old man selling moustaches. They bought one each. We have since banned such monstrosities.



I will leave you to contemplate these recent events and take my badself round to studio to learn our new songs. We might definitely be playing a warm up show this Friday, probably at Water Rats in Kings Cross. Might you like to come?

Henry x

P.s. Thank you to A + C

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