Celebrity Guest Blog Superhero

So the band provides the crispy shiny sounds, and we eat them up like sequin muesli. A crunchy shiny gulp.

Now listen. Listen good. With your ears and co.

I write this using text, a visual medium suited to the task of COMMUNICATION. Nonetheless, listen you must.

My name is Pete Hathway, and I’m sometimes referred to as the secret 5th member of the band. This is inaccurate, nonetheless I am this week’s guest editor. Pleased to meet you. Pull up a chayer.

Since we last spoke these things have happened:

PWY’s recorded some drums in a place. A place adjacent to a location. It was a Gibson place, littered with glittering GUITARS. A magical place. There was beer, there were drums. I sat on the stage and practised throwing playing cards into a hat (a ‘butcher fedora’, if you must know). I managed 6 out of 52, on average. Not great. Meanwhile Fred hammered out some rhythms on some drums. It was loud. Science captured his mojo and flattened it into a small package.

Here he is:

If you look closely you can see science on the left, latching onto Fred’s noises with flexible metal tentacles.

We danced with JACK WHITE at the Old Blue Last – weren’t expecting that were ye? – and also with the Smoke Fairies, a lovely girl folk/americana/good duo who are FRIENDS of ours. We have no pictures of Jack, get over it.

The delightful Smoke Fairies being delightfully delightful.

The delightful Smoke Fairies being delightfully delightful.

It was Barbara’s birthday later. Everyone went CRAZ.

Mmm, absinth!

Mmm, absinthe!

We discussed who would win in a chin-up competition between God and Jesus. We decided God would probably let Jesus win, and Jesus would learn something from that.

Anyway, here’s Jeffo and Elspeth looking FIT:



I’m wasted, may be back in a minute, may end it here, we’ll see… ciao

Simon and Henry are arguing.

They say things like “if I’m honest…” about every two seconds.

I think they’re being honest.

Me, Jeffo and Elsie are drinking red wine out of ramekins.

Tonight I saw many a person about town, abaaat taaan, including Late of the Pier, We Are Scientists, Lightspeed Champion, Alexa Chung, Arctic Monkeys and more. I also saw POST WAR YEARS. This is a blog about them though, not bout dem other eejits.

Alexa Chung kept staring at me. Not in a good way, in an unnerving way. I think she hates me a bit.

Erm, someone’s nicked my wine.


Fred’s gone to bed. You’ve got a head.


Exact Coordinates: 7958372891d84737h474738hyr3837372

The Newt has flown the Coop. Cats climb lithely. The sawdust is rolling in the pantry. 12 Eagles Sit Naked In Naples. The jaguar is tangled in the brambles.

Over and out.

Love me love me say that you love me

This is me showing off:

OK goodbye now


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