A Massage Message + A Brimming Bulletin

Bonsoir Cherie.

It is time for another one. Another massage message. Another brimming bulletin. The weather is grey and moody, and we are combattling this by spending our entire lives living in a carpet-box with no windows or ventilation. We are also wearing protective film over our faces: the see through stuff, to prevent exposure to life.

Tip: Fake Flowers look like real flowers, but don’t die/ drink water/ smell like old relatives/ invite bees into your house with their tantalizing nectar.

1: Musical Must’aves

I want the new Semifinalists album. They create romantic quirk, and I would thoroughly recommend running out of your front door now, screaming their name as loud as you can in the street, just to see if they live near you – ‘coz you never know.

Here is some semifinalists which is old and beautiful…
Here is some semifinalists which is new and interesting…

Also… I blogged off a bit recently about Ratatat, who create beautiful crispy electronica. However; what really made me foam at the eyelids was their amazing remix of Wanderlust by Bjork:

They used the original vocal take I think, and possibly corrected the pitch using melodyne [or similar]. The result: remarkable crispy magic-dust:

Bjork: Wanderlust – ratatat remix:

If you liked that… Lick this:

Ratatat remix The Knife:

2. Photographical Pheromones.

Now that I have mentioned some of my current favourite musical magicians, can I also mention some photographic physicians which you should check out if you are for whatever reason BORED OF THE INTERNET.

Here is an example of some work by an interesting photographer [+lyn] who takes pictures of objects, animals and people.

[Click the images for links to more images. Yes.]

Another good picturepilot is Max, who (when he’s not busy running a record label or knitting) takes pictures of his life, and the lives of other humans he observes.

And also, Holy Fuck capture interesting things they see on tour… weirdly fun.

3. Life Excursions

Welcome to the holiday of life. It’s interesting, colourful, and mildly spicy.

We have been touring round life, doing some recording, messing with synthesizers, recording gongs, chopsticks, and other cutlery. These are starting to form into demo recordings, which you can hear on our Myspace page here. We might put another single out soon, we might start a market stall selling fish, or we might move to Ukraine. The possibilities are endless.

At the weekend, we went to Victoria park with the Happiest Horse


We have just confirmed an Autumn tour, supporting White Lies who are fabulous and massive.

It’s gong to be busy, so buy tickets fast, and we’ll see you there.


Cardiff Club Ifor Bach (21)
Manchester Night And Day (22)
Wolverhampton Little Civic (24)
Nottingham Bodega (25)
Sheffield Leadmill (26)
Bristol Thekla (28)
Brighton Komedia (29)


Norwich Arts Centre (1)
Newcastle The Cluny (2)
Glasgow King Tuts (3)
Leeds Faversham (4)
Oxford Academy (6)
London ICA (7)

Theres some others too, check the spaz for more.

4. A Merry Musical Machine

I suggest that you stop what you are doing, and spend the next five hours of your life composing music with an online musical sewage machine

I did, Tim [mysteron] did, and so should you. I have given up real instruments, there’s just no point.

Until next week or something.



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One response to “A Massage Message + A Brimming Bulletin

  1. Excellent blog, excellent news, you’re all gay, and by gay I mean GOOD at music and at dancing on the edge of life’s yawning chasm we call “the yawning chasm of life”.

    Shoot me with a kipper, I’ll be back for a violent breakfast.

    Oct 4th will be awesome, as will, obv, all the White Lies dates. Will you still play “White Lies”? Will this not BOGGLE YOUR MINDZ? FUCK!!!!

    I’m WELL HAPPY for you and, as if to prove it, I live in a house of bricks. Bread to the head, nobody’s dead, so fight with bread, kids. Cut out the stabbing, but NOT with a knife, use a spork.

    Foaming at the eyelids as ever,

    Your humble servant,



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