Secret Garden + Wild Beasts + Seaside Holiday

Yowser! I mean hi! Or do I? You decide.

It’s been a while since we last caught up, so I thought I should whisper a few things seductively in your ear over a candle lit dinner with a nice bottle of Chablis.

The region I intend to purloyn some wine from.

Lots has been going on – too much for my addled brain to muster in one fell swoop – but I shall attempt to reconstruct our fragile lives using PVA glue and string.

Firstly Secret Garden Party rocked, thank you Gardeners! We got totally lost in a maze of mesmeric music, pretty pictures, pirate ships, water and land, air and earth, wine and beer, basically all the necessary ingredients to make it quite a fantastic festival. While there we partook in a sports day, face-painting, dressing like idiots and general enjoyment of life. It was good.

We especially enjoyed sets from Wave Machines, We Have Band, Metronomy, Ratatat, Micachu, Esser and of course the ever-brilliant Late of the Pier (whose album’s out this Monday, August 11th. Buy it), and have been banging on about them to all and sundry ever since.

Here is a sneaky peek at Micachu and the Shapes (who are playing Durrr on Monday, again August 11th) having fun, well worth checking out. This video makes me laugh. For more stuff visit

We returned from Secret Garden confused and frustrated, as we all had hangovers and sunburn. It was a forlorn PWYs that awoke Tuesday morning to find they still felt like crap, but help was at hand in the form of a set at the 100 Club on Oxford Street with the mighty Wild Beasts, who we love a bit. Playing the 100 Club was a pleasure, although I almost died from rib-pain, which in hindsight is quite amusing. Wild Beasts combine skill with genius to create “skienius”, not the most catchy term I admit, but the music is otherwise.

Check the video for their new single “The Devil’s Crayon”, which is out now: Also you may find mayhem here:

After all the excitement we decided to lay low for a while, making tunes and stupid videos from our secret studio location in Dalston, nipping out only to buy tea and milk. The highlight of this for me was finding PG Tips are doing a 50% extra free deal on their tea at the moment. Bloody great.

After all the tea-related excitement we decided to lay even lower, and nipped off to Lowestoft for a seaside/studio-based holiday, lugging our equipment with us so as to be able to continue creativity. Whilst here, as well as working on some tuneage, we have been on a boat, walked on the beach, played with Jeff Lettuce’s dog, Finn, and eaten the biggest Shepherd’s Pie known to man.

Anyway, despite all this I hope you are well.

See you next Tuesday,

Fred War Year x


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2 responses to “Secret Garden + Wild Beasts + Seaside Holiday

  1. Hello hello,

    As appreciators of the beautiful SGP, you may be interested in our lovely little festival – the Antic Banquet.

    We ran the Valley of the Antics at the Garden at SGP and it was great! Hope you managed to pop by. Now we’ve got our own intimate little gathering for 500 friends and family and festival folk.

    Please check out

    We reckon you’ll LOVE IT!


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