Bops and Cobbers [pt 1]

Many hellos.

How are you? It’s been a whole month since we last spoke to you. We’ve been busy composing swirls of sonic sodabread in our sunny squat in spain. We have also occasionally been playing the odd gig in and around London. We have purchased some new samplers! I won’t bore you with the technical specifications of these wonderful devices, but needless to say; they have a flab load of flashing lights on, which instantly makes them better than banjos, ukuleles’, the common acoustic-guitar, or any other unfun instrument.

Festival Frolics:

Lounge on the Farm – Farm Fantasies and Flamboyant Fetishes

We are heading into festival season now, and we’re playing lots of the smaller boutique style affairs, which suits us nice! Kicking off with Lounge on the Farm in Kent, which is a nice wholesome family feast set in some Kentish countryside. Lineup looked good; Holy Fuck, Esser, Mystery Jets etc. We played an afternoon set, and were pleasantly surprised by a band called ‘Wave Machines’ who are from Liverpool. They put a single out on Chess Club, but we’d never seen them before, therefore we stuck about the stage for dancing, etc…

I couldn’t find a video for it… so here’s a live version instead…

Aswell as seeing nuff good music, we did other stuff to prevent hangover boredom, which is common at festivals. Hangovers are boring like. Si walked around with a tent on his head, Fred formed a bin queue, the Corn Cops fought crime, we styled our hair like Bon Jovi and walked around pretending to be cool.

Here’s the tenthead walking thing…

Jamie Lidl – Supermarket Soul

Some nice people blagged us into Koko in Camden to watch Jamie Lidell, who we all think is thrillingly splendid. He is the sexy. He also performed with a TV stuck on his head, which was dead good. His new album is completely soul, which is nice – but not as good as this absolute gem from his second album, which takes the soul, and pushes it between the lips of an automatic rice cooker: have a curtain….

Erm, thats about it for now.

I’ll tell you more things next week…



Come to this if you can….

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  1. Nice post. I just found your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

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