Mental Merryment and Sonic Supremacy…

Recent Things and Other Stuff

Hello. Live performances and other such lark have slowed down now… and we can reflect upon a merryment of memories relating to touring round England in a postal van. However, we now have decided to retreat back into our carpet-box to create some ‘music’, or something. Which will be nice.

We have met many new friends including; seagulls, Kwes, Agathas’ family [and cats], cane trader, Royworlds’ massive chin, some ladies made out of ‘nylon’, Kinnsters, Magic Pete, John Ridgard, a pretend alien called ‘Zap’, 2002 Boyband “One True Voice”, and The Laurel Collective… amongst other musical minded mentalists.

Here is some stuff that happened…

New stuff NEW STUFF, new stuff that we like. Starting with Laura Groves… who is absolutely rather good at music…

Laura Groves ERM penguin

Her recent single “I am Leaving” is apparently ‘twee’ according a magazine I read. Whatever… I saw this video live performance, which absolutely blew my hair into my left eyeball. [Click the link – ClickLink Yes]

And also – other stuff…

Vintage Bjork anyone?… This amazing version of ‘Unison’ from Vespertine is very, very beautiful. Fred blew 40 squadrons on the CD boxset the other day in rough trade, and we are contemplating a ‘Bjork Alldayer’ which will involve lying still on the floor and contemplating how amazing she sounds to our human eardrum[s].

Also, Henry, Tom and I declared our love for “Folk Music” together, secretly, at the Great Escalope festival in Brighton. We pranced around for a bit dreaming of being somewhere that was playing blips and bleeps and vocoder noises that we could dance to, and then… BLAM! In your Marcus Mumford Face, have that. This fellow Marcus, and his ‘sons’ which I assume he fathered when he was around the age of 3; made us weep, and declare our love for real music that’s played on instruments made out of wood. By the time Laura Marling came on; we were drunkenly discussing trading samplers for washboards and growing beards and living on Branflakes and Lemon and ginger Tea…. Visit his MYSPACE now, his voice is ace.

A picture of them.. I Love it.

Finally, Have some bizarre mental gameboy spazz: Ratatatatat is good, stuff. “Mirando” IS THE BEST INSTRUMENTAL AMBIENT JAZZ you will hear for ages.


This is happening…

Dollop Flyer

and it will be massively hot and sweaty, so get there early [if you are in London.. ie: Don’t come all the way from Dallas Texas, or Krakow] It is also, surprisingly FREE, which means promoters who sell their bodies will be there?

Also: PWY Radio One: Live Session

We are Recording a Live Session at Maida Vale for Radio One “Introducing” next week, and I’ll let you know soon as snails when-abouts you can turn your radio on and hear it. We will be playing ‘False Starts’, ‘White Lies’, ‘Jacket On’ and maybe newer new stuff. Maybe. Huw Stephens will be there with his amazing beard!

That is all. Ta for being nice.



Ps… come to the LATE OF THE PIER WARE HOUSE PARTY this Friday in Shoreditch, because it will be fun.

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