Nathan Fake + Eating Fruit + Tour + YAMB Artrocker Feature.

Tour Stuff…

Still a couple of dates to go ie: Ravensbourne Uni and The Great Escape…

Tour has been fab… we spent most of our time eating fruit in the van, playing cosmic golf in Leeds, going to aquariums in Hull, sleeping in crack-free Crack Dens in Darlington, admiring architecture in Bath, eating pies in Reading, cutting my fingers off at DURRR, and shopping for toiletries and underwear in Exeter…

Stuff in pictures….

Lights shining in patterns on a stage…

Lights Shining in Patterns on A Stage

A pigeon head statue somewhere…

Barbara Joined in, in a drunken fashion…

We recorded an Xfm radio session… Henry and Fred, hanging around…

Usually Henry gets packed in the van , in his box… Because he talks too much about boring stuff.

We left subliminal advertisements on the walls of dressing rooms…

I just like this painting of a cat…

We are currently blasting this stuff out…

We recently discovered Nathan Fake. He’s been around for ages, but we were slow to react, and only recently started to salivate all over the floor – We’ve been carfully slipping his track “Grandfathered” into DJ’ sets, as-and-when we get the chance. It’s the perfect ambient-electronic drunken hand-gliding song…

Here’s a video for ‘Long Sunny’ which he released on Border Community. It’s amazing.

I’ve already blogged-off loads about the Chap’s new album – but it’s coming out tomorrow. We have been waiting for this album for years… the time has finally come.

Here’s a video for “Fun and Interesting”. This song is fun and interesting. Watch it….

Also, we have recently become big fans of James Yuill. His recent Chess Club single is being blasted out lots on Radio One, and his album “Turning Down Water for Air” is [to quote fellow Russian Club resident Jessica Lettuce…] “THE TITS”.

Anyhow, James Yuill’s musical compadre Jess [Not Jess Lettuce].. Bryant, also creates other stuff… Her music is part Bjork, part Nick Drake and part completely fantastic.

Jeff Bryant

Headbang your way through this snippet of her song “Belladonna” below, and then decide you want to download all of her songs from her myspaz page….

Self indulgent news about us…

Our first single “Black Morning” was supposed to be out Today [12th May], but has been delayed for a week… this is a bit bad, but not completely bad, as it’s still coming out. Apparently, they are all stuck in Yugoslavia or something… Anyhow, if you have pre-ordered it… don’t frown, wear a dressing-gown – it will be on your doorstep soon! If you havent pre-ordered it… do so now by clicking this self explanatory link: I WANT TO PREORDER BLACK-MORNING FROM ROUGH TRADE NOW PLEASE

Also: Our song ‘You and Me Both” will soon be featured on the cover CD of Artrocker magazine, so you could probably grab a copy of that too.


We have also been played on the radio a bit…

Huw Stephens has been playing our single on his BBC Radio One show, which is fantastic. Ta, Huw x

And John Kennedy invited us in to do a session for Xfm which will be broadcast this Thursday [15th May]. We played four songs which were ‘You and Me Both’, ‘Black Morning’, ‘False Starts’ and a new one called ‘White Lies’.

Great Escalope..

We are playing the Great Escalope festival in Brighton this weekend, times are up on our facespace. We plan to run around all weekend seeing amazing music…. join us.

That’s it… bye.



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One response to “Nathan Fake + Eating Fruit + Tour + YAMB Artrocker Feature.

  1. Glad the tour is going well! Only just discovered Nathan Fake!?!?! Where have you been! Love that album, and this sunny weather is perfect time to get it out again! Do you know the James Holden Mix of The Sky Was Pink? genius… actually you’d probably love Holden’s mini Album ‘The Idiots are Winning’.. check it out…

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