Prickly Ears / McCamden Crawlface / Tellyradio


We’ve had a great weekend, Camden Crawl was ace. Add to that XFM and Radio 1 airplay and our video on MTV and you’ve got four happy PWY elephants.

Here is a Camden for you


Even though everyone has blatantly heard them…I’ve gotta rave on about Does It Offend You, Yeah? Absolutely amazing… Saw them do a couple of tracks at Koko before we played over the road at the Purple Turtle, then saw them again on Saturday when they played NW1. I ended up with a somewhat swollen snozz from being head-butted in the face in the mosh pit. They absolutely owned both venues. Big tings a gwizzon.

Oh hi!

What, this old thing?


Bloke from the Kaisers, showing off a badge


On Saturday we did a DJ set at the free Red Stripe bar before going to the Electric Ballrooms where I enjoyed Lo-Fi-Fnk, a Swedish duo from Sweden with the addition of an electric drum-kit drummer when they play live (trio). Change Channel is a great track. I actually knew it already because a DJ I know used to play it a lot, so it was a nice surprise when they started playing it.

Have a bean…

And also…

White Lies…. great set…. Jack, you are one tight drummer, I’m gonna have to have words with you! My favourite track was the one that reminded me of Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears (also great track) but it’s not on the Myspace. Not to worry, for there is other stuff. Listen now though…. Unfinished Business is dead good, good.

Oh Good!

I’m eating Minstrels, must dash as I’m tireder than Mighty Mouse after a hard day at the office. You can stay here if you want, but don’t do anything naughty.

Fred x x x


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3 responses to “Prickly Ears / McCamden Crawlface / Tellyradio

  1. Nice one on all the radio/MTV play guys! I want a tiger badge!

    Lo Fi FNK really rock, I need to get more of their tunes. =)

  2. well bend me over and fuck me the ricky way! its been a long time coming all this action…you know we all love you and will follow you through to your blues/americana album which i cant wait for….anyways take care…kisses for all of you except fred


  3. Tom

    Glad you got another comment, thought for a minute I was the only reader! 🙂 Well done on the shizzle, and camden bar crizzle, lookin forward to nizzle wizzles gizzle.

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