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We are currently recovering from plenty of playing and proud pushing. We played a set at the Proud Gallery in Camden on Saturday – and had a great time… A strange but beautiful venue, with lots of smiling people and animals hanging about, we even got a stable to sit about in.

Then we ventured to The End last night to catch an inspired set by ‘The Chap‘, who’ve been one of our favourite bands since we picked up a copy of “Ham” a couple of years ago.

Some dribble oozed from my mouth as they threw themselves into “ooozing emotion”, I highly recommended catching them on their up and coming tour. Thank frac. Krakow. They are just one of those bands who get better and better and weirder with every record they put out….

Here’s a d.i.y video of “Ethnic Instruments” which I assume will be on their new LP…..

What else?… Er, We did a Foals remix – I think everyone had a go. Ours sounds quite weird, I messed about with the guitars, trying to make them sound like church organs… Foals on church organs. It was actual fun. Have a quick bean below if you like…

Foals – “Eclectic Broom” – [Post War Years Gatefold Banjo Mix]

La lalala. Krakow.

We are playing the Mystery Jets album lots…. 2 Doors Down actually sounds like Tina Turner, a mindbabble of eighties sax solos and massive sheet metal snare drums. We dance around Jess’s room singing and waving our fists to it, you should join us.

Also, I will mention that our fantastical friends and musical-madnutters OFRACAS are releasing their album ‘Fits and Starts‘ on a cool label called ‘I can count’. This will blow up, it’s going to be a fabulous record, chek that jazz shazz. Here’s a smashing picture of their cool vase artwork….



Our first record will be out in the shops on 12th of May. It’s coming on a label called Chess Club who just happen to be cool and marvellous. 500 of these Mysterons produced vinyl-badboys are available.

We’ll let you know who will be stocking it soon… However, you can pre-order it here immediately from Rough Trade who will deliver it to you! They say this about the single, which is nice of them….

“‘the black morning’ is a fully formed and intricate pop song full of 80’s synths, smooth vocals and busy basslines. think part 80’s talking heads, part bowie and part gomez. they’ve got the tunes and the ability and are indisputably ones to watch in 2008. limited 7″ only” .

The Sleeve:

And here’s the video for it… Directed by the wonderful Christian Anderson-Ramshall.

Black Morning Video: Christian twisted time itself, and made us look twitchy – it’s twitchifying….

More stuff soon




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  1. Sleeve looks ace guys! I am also loving the mystery jets album, havent made up my mind about the sax solo, but the rest of that tune is killer!

  2. tim

    I normally have to listen through everything oli hears and censor any smacksophone solos. they bring him out in a cold sweat, due to many years of systematic sax-abuse

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