WOW and Welcome!

Announcing a blog is a bit like announcing the birth of a new child, you don’t know what it will turn out like, or how many gifts you will receive from your family. I have never had a child. Welcome to our new blog… The Russian Club, which will basically be about stuff that we have been up to, and things that excite our young male brains.

I am going to start by announcing the fact that we have just recorded a video for our first release which will be Black Morning… It was great funnish, and we learned how to mime. Miming is actually HELL. Not only did we have to mime, but we had to mime in slow motion. This turned out to be extremely difficult, yet incredible fun! The idea behind the video, was that director Christian [who is responsible for this quite impressive video] would record the footage at half speed, with us miming along.. like over exaggerating snail musicians, and then eventually speed everything up including the audio, to the original speed [Headfuck]. Meaning that basically, we will look like nutters. I’ll post up the video when the wonderful Christian has finished working his ass off editing it all together!

Here are some photos from the shoot, which was staged in a big warehouse on Old St, in London…. and turned out to be a scene of remarkable professionalism, eventually turning into whiskey swigging debauchery ya…

Fred greenscreening

Si tiger jumper


In other news, productional genius Oli Q, of mysterons fame remixed Blackmorning, twisting and squashing it into a massive fucked up house extravaganza. Download it for free, we asked him, he said it was cool… click that linkage…

also… were DJing at Communion at Notting Hill Arts Club in London on Sunday [6th Apr] should you be hanging about somewhere…. far from just asking you to come down and watch us fuck around drunkenly with some weird prince records, we’d much rather you come down to watch a live performance by Alessi who is amaaazingly good.


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